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Damage to Ultra D - packing problem (please see first post in thread!

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2 more today with damage. Both at Anandtech.com. "furiously" and "nahor" both had damaged switches. Others have pointed out damage to static bag by audio module. Total of 12 people with damage in one week period.

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where do the board and parts get put into the box? at the DFI plant? that may sound like a dumb question, but if this isn't a vendor-specific issue then until the packaging is revised, i would say that the risk you are taking in ordering this board is too high. I doubt I could name this percentage, but if it was 1-5%, that is huge when you are talking about thousands of boards.


and even if the packaging was revised today, how many boards are sitting in warehouses right now that were already shipped and still could be damaged

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So anybody heard if this packaging issue has this been resolved? It would be nice to know if all the etailers have been notified of this issue and they are checking for damage and taking corrective action to prevent possible future damage while shipping.


I was going to order the Ultra-D from newegg tomorrow, but I don't know if it's worth taking the risk (albeit rather small) until I know for sure this issue has been fixed.

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Is all I can say when i saw the Fedex box that was delivered today from Newegg containing my new NF4 Ultra D motherboard. The 1st thing that caught my eye was the bloated package. The package was smashed form both ends and looked like a car caught in the middle of a 3 car pileup and ready to pop. The package was obvisously caught on the bottom under heavier boxes due to the marks on the box. I really didn't even feel like opening the box.

I opened the box and it appeared undamaged. Boy, was I wrong! I remember thinking, why the hell don't they just install the sound riser instead of packaging it on top of the board without any protection?

Then I pulled the package out of the box and heard the broken pieces inside of the static bag moving as I turned the board on it's side. WTH? I looked thru the static bag and saw the broken reset and power switches. I called Newegg and started raising hell with the guy for the POOR packging effort on Newegg's part. If they would have shipped the board inside a larger box, i would have a good board.

Newegg had me call Fedex to get a claim number for the package that they damaged. I called Newegg back with the claim number and a refund will be issued.

They tell me FedEx might contact me in about a few days if they want pick up the board.


Has anyone else been told this?


The person I spoke with @ Newegg said that they knew about the packaging problem. If this is the case why don't they ship them better?


I fault all three parties in my case. DFI for crappy packaging, Newegg for crappy shipping packaging, and FedEx for abusing the poorly packaged box. Looks like Fedex insurance gets to pay for this one.


Once i get my refund I plan on buying one at Directron.com. Their a local picup for me a just a few bucks higher.

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