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bh5 /263 winnie at 2763 stable


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Just thought I should post results todate. :)


Bios 2.17


running BH5 2X 512 3500 Corsair:

1:1, IT,2,2,5,2,7,12,0,1,4,3120,A,bank Int :enabled


Ram at 3.6, 4v jumper, active cooling , (dropped 11deg C) now 33-40c full load


3500 W , cbbfd 0441vpmw v1.472, 10.5 x 263, LT3. =2762 core. 32-38c / PWMIC <40, chipset <40


3DM2001 30345

3D03 13300.


Super pi 1m 31 sec passed multiple times.


I know I can run ram at 265, with CPU 9.5, ok, So still progressing.


I did notice I was getting errors earlier at lower or higher cpu v, but If I take it easy all seems well.


No OC on X850 XT yet.


PCI ex at 100., do you increase?



Will keep you posted, any advice welcome..



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