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Power on problems

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This is a long post, but please bear with me.


I have had my rig running smoothly without any problems for a few months now. Yesterday my order for a few new case fans arrived and I decided to lap my CPU and chipset heatsinks (TT Silent tower and vantec cooler respectively). So I disassembled my computer, (the motherboard has to be removed so that I can uninstall the CPU cooler and the chipset heatsink) removed and lapped the sinks, then reassembled it.


After finishing installation, I tried powering my PC on, but it wouldnt start, The mobo LED is on but the power supply and the memory LEDs remained off. I rechecked all my connections and after repluging my connections, the computer ran. I ran prime95 for a few hours (had to check if my temps did decrease after lapping ;)) and everything ran w/o problems. I turned it off and ran a few errands.


After returning, I met the same problem, I wont turn on. I rechecked the connections and after rearrainging some cables everything ran fine again. I used the computer for a few hours then turned it off for the night (I usually dont turn my computer off overnight but wanted my thermal paste to set in). I used Arctic Alumina (NOT Arctic Silver 5), so im sure its not a weird electrical short cause by silver-based thermal compounds.


Now this morning, I met the same problem again, but it time it wont turn on whatever I do! Things I have tried:


1. I disassembled my PC again, reseated the CPU, cards and memory and made sure everything was connected properly and had no electrical short.


2. I reset the BIOS, still no go.


3. I unplugged the powersupply for a couple of minutes, but still no go.


4. I tried unplugging all the case fans. nada. I dont think its my power supply (30A on +12V) as I was checking the voltages when Irn prime last night and the rails were very stable.


Whats wrong here? Any suggestions?

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Nope. Now power whatsoever. The powersupply doesnt run, the fans dont spin. Only the MB LED is on, the memory LED is off.


Edit: Now here's an interesting development. I got tired of this POS and I decided to remove 1 stick of memory (the one in slot 3) while the MB light was still on...which the manual specifically states NOT to do :P, but as I removed the memory, the PC turned on!


I completely removed the memory and ran the comp with one stick thinking it was a memory problem and tried turning on the computer again....no go. I reinserted it and removed it while the MB was powered on and the computer started again!! I switched sticks, wouldnt turn on again but I removed the new stick in slot 3 again and my PC turned on! WTF?! I apparently have to turn my PC power on and remove the memory stick in slot 3 order for my PC to work. :mad:

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