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Would you buy this power supply for the Socket 939 AGP board coming up

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In one word or less....no.


Now, having said that the reason is only 18amps on the 12v rail. You also have to consider what you are going to be putting in that board too.


I would purchase something from enermax, ocz, fortron with 500 watts or more. You want to check the 12v rail specs also.


Please also put your computer specs in signature so we can better help you w/ other questions.

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Well, currently this is what I have....


Athlon XP 1800

Antec True Power 420 Watt


PC2100 512 Meg (generic)


I am considering getting the Socket 939 when it comes out.


Upon that, my son inherits the NFII LAN Party board.


It was also a consideration for me to get a new case, something like this for a case


The signature will be changed later tonight.

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What a Manufacturer puts as a rating can be very deceiving... Some rate MAX 5sec burst power (WHich is Useless) Some rate Max 1 Minute power (Which again, is useless) and a few actually rate Continuous Power. (OCZ, Antec)


The Rails are the Key. The stickers/ratings on the PS's Usually rate Continous Draw oneach rail. 24a on the 12v rail is a safe rating now-adays 30 if your planning on SLI.


I would add Antec to the above list and the Ultra X-Connect 500Watt PS (All Other Ultra PS's Suck....)

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nope. i would pick up a ocz powerstream or pc power and cooling one. however depending on what you put in the system you may be able to get away with that. s939 90nm chips don't take up a lot of power. it's just a matter of whether you want to take a chance.


i have an enermax 465ve (431 watt) that has been humming along for over 5 years now. quality the first time is good idea in my opinion. (saves you from upgrades and from potential failures of devices)

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i have the OCZ 420 W and i love it rails are nice and stable and its damn quiet . it also has those real nice sheilded cables I only run 1 HDD and 1 Cd / DVD drive and when i had my DTR i had no probs oc'in the beast the

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if hte 939 board has only a 20-pin power connector, then yes I can recommend the TT 420 Pure Power psu.


I currently have the exact same psu on my 754 NF3:


DFI 754 NF3 UT 250Gb

AMD Athlon64 2800+ @ 250x10 (also a 3400+ @ 250x10)

ATI X800 Pro 256MB AGP


2x Raptor RAID-0


DangerDen TDX watercooling, 12v pump w/single radiator

Sunbeam 4channel fan controller

floppy drive

2x 120mm Evercool fans + 1x80mm Coolermaster fan

USB Logitech mouse + USB Saitek dual-analog game pad


all my rails are very strong and on the money. It overclocks very well with very little fluctuation. The TT 420 PurePower is a very nice psu for the money. For under $50.00, I would say it is the best bang for your buck.


Be careful about letting others tell you that it is not enough when they don't have one ;)


I of course prefer the Fortron 530w 20-pin psu, but it is $78.00 @ newegg. For $40 or less, the TT is a VERY NICE power supply capable of powering the following boards:


Lanparty 875B revB

Infinity 875

LanParty NF2B

Infinity NF2 Ultra

LanParty 865PE

Infinity 865PE

Lanparty 875P-T (board wont boot after a few days as it really needs a 24-pin ATX2.0 psu, but psu itself is not harmed)

LanParty 925X-T2 (same as above)

K8M800-MLV (SFF mATX Athlon64 board)

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