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Optical Out help

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Well when I first got my new job around November I bought a new entertainment system from there and it has optical in.


I remember my Nforce2 Ultra B saying something about optical out when I had to write a assignment on my computer specs for my new IT college course.


So I bought a Optical out lead from a local store, but couldnt seem to find anywhere on the nforce2 board to fit the bugger in :shake:


So I put the cable in my spare comp bits draw which has grown to mch for my liking.


Anyway since getting the Nforce 250G ut board I thought I will try and adventure to it again, cus playing a game with surround sound should be cool :D


Anyhows appart from getting a hammer and virtually trying to hammer the thing into one of the many holes in the back of the I/O I cant seem to get it to fit again.


Now, im doing this on the understanding that S/PDIF out is the optical out connection? Just that the cable looks like this:




To the left you have the cable, which both ends are the same and one of them i would have easily put into my old Abit KD7 Raid optical out (did i mention very unstable KD7 Raid? :().




The black piece you see to the left is the protector for the Optical out, the same type of connector used with the lead without the adapter on the left.


On the right is some kind of adapter which also came with the cable. Which looked like it would fit into the S/PDIF but doesnt (if S/PDIF is even the optical out anyway lol :O )


Or do I have to buy something else?


Many thanks

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There is no Optical output on the DFI mobo you have. I think you're confusing Optical and Digital.


The connector you're holding in your hand is part of what is called a TOSLink cable. This is an optical cable which carries an infrared signal.


The yellow RCA connector on the IO panel of your motherboard is an S/PDIF output. You can use a regular wire cable(sometimes called coaxial) with an RCA male on each end to run digital out to the input on your outboard equipment.


If your outboard equipment only has an optical input you're out of luck in this situation.

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