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Computer suddenly stopped running at OC and now only runs at spec

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My setup stably ran 240@2-2-2-11 and once the weather cooled I was running the cpu at 10x. Suddenly my mobo stopped posting randomly but after a couple restarts would post. This lasted maybe a month until it completely stopped posting. I removed one of the 2 BH-5 sticks and it now runs at spec only which is 166 fsb. When I ran it at 240 I had the mem voltage at 3.3 but now it is back to 2.7. Also my dvd+rw has been very intermittent. It doesn't burn cd's or dvd's anymore but it will read them occasionally. This is very strange! All of these components are less than a year old and claimed to be of the highest quality. I have been running an unofficial bios I'm pretty sure it is 6/19 revision. My only hunch torwards what might be wrong is that either my psu is not powerfull enough for my setup or that the mobo is starting to flake and is screwing up my other parts. I am still in disbelief that my bh-5's performance could drop down that much. I did a proper burn in and my case temps never went above 40. If anyone has any ideas as to what could be wrong I would appreciate it.

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