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LP revB troubles , possible RMA ?? / need advise

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I'm in the middle of a switch to the nforce3 DFI and my memory is the first upgrade item i received . I went with a gig set of Corsair XMS PC3200 XL rev 1.2 cause there both cheap and good .

Of course i had to test em on my LP revB so i slapped em in my dimms for some testing . After some testing stick1 got to 230FSB/cas2 2 2 [email protected] (these suckers dont mind high volts ;]) and stick2 228FSB/same settings .

Sadly when i tried using both sticks they wont even do 200FSB , i get 700+ errors on memtest86 OCZ from the first run alone on whatever Vdimm .

I then held a bit of early spring cleaning in my room cleaning every inch of it including my computer . I took it apart , removed the dust from my SLK947u , fans , applied some new AS3 and most importantly (cause i think this might be an issue) i finnally got round to modifying the backplate for it to be able to use the top left MOBO standoff .

The reason i think this is important is cause ive always had a warped ZIFF (or sumthing) socket and this actually gets stressed when you use the top left socket cause the MOBO looks bend disassembled and it get forced straight when using the screw in the top left standoff .

Since i put it back together ive been noticing major instability and i cant get any setting primestable anymore . I just tried 200x8 @ AUTO/1.6Vcore/1.65Vcore and prime/OCCT crashes after 1 minute . I checked my memory using memtest and it does 213 on AUTO errorfree test#5 for over an hour so its deffo not that .

Next i tried a new BIOS so i switched from 1/21 to 7/28(or something) , the latest official release but still i couldnt get my system stable . Next i tried using my OLD memory, a stick of HYPERX BH5 that did 225 cas2 2 2 11 in dual channel with 2x256BH6(which ive sold allready) @ 3.3Vdimm . The hyperX wont even boot into windows halve the time , i get 3000+ errors on the first run in memtest on 200FSB , i tried every dimm but the result is always the same .

No matter what i do or try i cant seem to get my board stable anymore which is a bad thing cause its supposed to sponsor my switch to A64 in part .

Tomorrow i'm gonna take it apart again and run it on my testboard, which is a selfmade MOBO tray made for benching . I'm gonna install it without the top left standoff and recheck my HS mount and all the little resistor crap around the hsf-holes .

If anyone here has had anything like this happen to him ide love to hear what it turned out to be , and i'de also like to hear from a DFI representitive if my warped ZIFF is a valid reason for an RMA , especially so late into my mobo's life .


ps: sorry for the long typofilled read , i'm confused as to what this might be so included EVERYTHING ;-)

ps2 : low rails, always had em but.... always keeps you wondering


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