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Abit KR7A-133R and 1700 xp overclocking help

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Can someone help me get this bad boy overclocked.  




Antec soho case

Abit KR7A-133R

AMD 1700 XP

Artic Silver 3  

CoolerMaster Hcc-002 HeatSink

2 Maxtor 40 GB RAID 0

G3 Ti200



Need some Help Guys !!! Please :D

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overclocking?? what is overclocking??

Im sorry there is no such thing..




aight so im lying..

hrmm.. I see no one has replyed to you yet.. so I wont tell you everything..

I will start you out though..

go to.. www.highspeedpc.com buy some XP unlocking kit.. unlock ur cpu..


when you have unlocked it.. write back and we will have fun from there..



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you don't overclock the XPs. You UNLOCK them. the amd xp 1500+ - 2000+ are ALL the 2000+ chip, it's jst that anything under the 2000+ chip and UNDERCLOCKED so in rality you are just making it run at what it was made for. But yes...you can get an unlocking kit at:



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Just OC'd my System without unlocking.

Kr7a133RMoBo / 512 DDR Pc2100 / [email protected]*11.5 / GF3Ti200 @210/480 / Chieftec Scorpio TX10 case


7600+ 3dmark 2001


Want to unlock but thought i'd see what it was capable of, This is using a-bit GF3 drivers as supplied as if i run DET drivers i get the error "windows encountered errors whilst working with file desk.cpl" ??Weird.

Anyway, from what i have learnt from this (and other) forums on overclocking you can OC without unlocking, BUT you must be very careful and understand what u are doing.

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