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Brand New Wit The Dfi Lp 250gb Nf3

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I just got this board and man are there soo many options in bios.. i would like to know the best settings to o/c my setup

setup includes


a64 3000+

512mb kingston hyperxseries

10/15 okar bios

100gig hd western dig

stock hs/fan

4 vantec tornado case fans


thanx peeps

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sorry, but its IMPOSSIBLE to give you the best settings, every system has its own unique properties and what works for one doesnt mean it works for the other.


just have patience, read the many guides about a64 overclocking there is and have fun testing the system.


success is great, but the road to success is where one achieves greatness

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hmm.. ill try since i have time now.


the Primary screen we'll be dealing with is the genie bios screen


since a64s are half locked multi wise (with the exception of fx chips) the only way to overclock is to increase the 'fsb" (a64s do not have an fsb so to speak but a HTT bus and a LDT bus).


When overclocking, it is best to only overclock one area at a time, with the a64 the 2 main areas are the memory and the cpu, HTT and LDT bus overclocks do not yield any real gains in performance so it is best to leave them at stock.


So when dealing with the cpu, go into the dram and place your ram on the lowest divider, and set the 4 primary timings (Tcl, Trc, Tras, Trp) according to your mem's spec.


Now head out and increase the fsb 5mhz at a time (more if your want... i would try for 2.2gigs immediately, then slow down) checking for stability in windows, my way of doing quick checks is to run superpi 1mil calculations n the sisoft sandra set of tests. Once you hit instabilities, increase the Vcore, however be careful as the stock cooling may not be able to keep the temps in check ( i suggest not running anything more than 1.7v, even thats a bit too high)


in regards to the fsb/ldt multi, im not sure wht the formula really is, but the aim is to keep the number between 800-1200 (fsb X 2 X FSB/LDT multi) having it high just leads to plenty of instability.


once the limits of your cpu are found, lower the fsb back down and work on the mem, the aim is to find the max your mem will run while keepin the cpu at as close to stock speed as possible thru the use of lower multis. So set your dram ratio back to 200mhz, then start increase the fsb again, and repeating the set of windows tests, i find that most of the settings work well as they are on auto (apart from the 4 main ones). I dont suggest you use 2t as the performance hit is too great.


Finally once you know the limits of both the cpu and the ram, juggle the fsb and the mem ratio to find which set of numbers give you the fastest possible combination of the both, (i would lean more to the cpu, as a64 mhz scales like nothing else) Dont be afraid of slower ram timings or placing the ram on the ratio.. the performnce hit is not as much as other systems.


have fun, this isnt the best of explanations but re-post back on your progress


*btw, put your info in ur sig before the admins grill ya :D

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