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two left feet

The DFi Darwin awards....

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death count:


-2 power supplies

-Athlon XP 1900 CPU


-fried video card RAM (interesting visuals in 3d games)

-120 Gig hard drive (never put all your eggs in one basket...)




i actually was

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alright, one time I was at Circuit City showing off my rig to my co-workers on my off-day... I took down a demo display that customer's frequented a lot just to show off my hotness... it was when I was using my ECS 755-A board (while my DFI LanParty UT nf3 250Gb mobo was on the way, of course... haha)...


so my friends are all gawking at my air-cooled case (Antec Super LAN Boy) and my mini-cooper radiator of a CPU heatsink (Thermalright XP-120)...


I felt that I had goo'd my CPU with too much Arctic Silver 5 (I was a thermal paste noob... i used about a marble's worth instead of a smaller, more appropriate pea-sized gob)


I worried that it was affecting the temperature of my CPU, so I decided to take it out there in the store and fix the problem (since i keep my silver-5 inside the toolbox of my case)


discconected the power, opened up the case, took off the 120mm panaflo fan, disconnected the clips of the XP-120 from the mobo, gave it a good twist and slight tug... nothin...


"oh boy...."


gave it another twist... a little harder tug.... still nothin...


"..... crap...... this is gonna suck"


I proceed to take a flathead screwdriver to attempt to pry it off... no dice...


".... man i'm so screwed...."


I had that fan sitting on a 3200+ Newcastle (2 years ago when this happened, that was top of the line *wink wink*) so i decide to try again... (mind you, the silver-5 was already warm from about 2 hours of playing UT2K4 haha)...


twist, pull, nothin


twist, yank, nothin


twist, tug, twist, yank pull *click* .. **falls back**


"....... YES!!! I GOT IT!!!! *looks at processor slot on mother board...* what the... where'd it go? @#&$!!!!!!"


it was glued to the bottom of my XP-120...


worse yet, an entire outter row of pins was laying at 65 degree angles away from the center of the processor... (yea, ouch)


I cried like a baby for about five minutes (i had only had the processor for about 4 months)


took a credit card, pushed all the pins back into place, pin 1 was bent at a different angle, took a mechanical pencil, pushed the graphite back into it, bent pin 1 back into place, looked it over, over and over again... dropped it back into the motherboard (which went in perfectly) added a small amount of silver-5 to the top of the heatspreader, then secured my XP-120 back over it...


we had silent prayer for about 5 minutes...


then i pressed the power button...




my heart sank :(


i pressed it again... my heart sank again...




plugged in the power cord, pressed it again, POST, Windows, FRAGGING TIME :)


it's been working (now in my DFI LanParty UT) ever since :D HAHAHAHA!!! w00t w00t :D

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I had a s462... it was the crappiest computer that i had.. anyway while i was getting rid of the exhaust fans finger protector(with a plier,pruning shears and a file)it took me 2 hours... needless to say i was soooo piss off...i had cut my finger a few times and it was soo bloody hot.

The next day i was tinkering around.. looking at the pile of dust in the heatsink...it was hot then too so i switch on my table fan through the power socket...it was connected with my computer then... i did not even panic then.. i quickly directed it into the case(it was very close to it then)when i pick up my tools.. my finger landed on the processor fan(lying on my table). I cut my finger and one of the fan blade broked..i almost cry but i remember that the computer shop in town sells fans...


The next day after school... i went home and i switch on my computer without bother to check it...(i forgotten about the broken fan)...well after that i need to go for my tuition at the other part of my house(my house have 4 levels and i set my computer to download stuff automatically).I took the table fan up with me by the way...... after my tuition i feel like playing some games...then it would not boot bla bla bla....well after that i gotten another computer...this rig that is....after i went home i dismantle my old computer to salvage parts and to learn more about what went wrong...it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to pry the heat sink out... after i pry it out... i found out the thermal 'paste' was charred..the center of the processor was brown and there was a warranty sticker there(by the shop?) it turn to dust by the way.... i broke apart the socket in the motherboard and found out that the golden pins in the middle turn black in colour compared to the gold pins

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hrm, some time a couple years ago I was building a PC for a customer and (only) nuked the Floppy Drive somehow.

But I did manage to make the PSU breaker trip and after I reset it, luckily enough it booted.


So I reached inside the case as I had a wire out of place and OH SNAP a BIG BLUE spark. 'Twas from the 12 or 5 volt line and ( I think) where a thin needle like metal edge case protrusion managed to touch inside the floppy connector.


I filed what was left of the melted burr down afterwards to disguise what happend. :) As it was I had many floppy Drives and Swapped one. I think it was an Asus Kv8 b0ard and Asus is still one of my favorites. (Of course it is a distant second to DFI)



Kirred plenty of other stuff over the years. Monitors, Kbd's, PSU's....... but mostly from use and not during a build.


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Oh yeah, same psu, I ended up putting a 3v pin where the 12v pin was supposed to be and plugged it into my hard drive.

Needless to say, it no longer worked and it smelled like... burn.

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My victims last year:

PNY 6600 GT, Died due to condensation from TEC cooling. 640 core speed was cool though.

3000+ DTR, Died due to pump failure while I was at work Running prime for OCD Entry. A 226 watt pelt and a cold plate fell victim as well. CPU is now a keychain for idunno1987.

NF7-S V2.0. Died from installing memory module with slot wrong way and not checking to see if locktabs were all the way down. Memory survived.

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Add one more victim to my list.

2.8 Naked Northwood died today. Victim of Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome. Sucks because that CPU would do 3.5 on stock volts and 3.65 on 1.7..

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Guest Blooz1



I found out today my LAN socket has a short! Luckily I had a spare Ethernet card layin' around.

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