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blinking keyboard lights + no post

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I've had my rig running stable the past month and yesterday it wouldn't post and all three keyboard lights keep blinking. I switched over to the bios saviour only to have that one crap out too. Did all the requisite checks: Angry's cmos clearing, tested psu, all sticks of mem, video card to no avail. Brought the thing to a buddy's place where I flashed the bios saviour in his nf7 w/ switches

/py write flash mem

/sn don't save bios backup

/f force flash routines from initial bios

/qi qualify bios w/ source file


Tried booting up but no blinking keyboard lights (still no post).


In frustration and defeat, I caught a few zzzz.


Half hour ago,

Morning breath still fresh, turned on the comp, POST SCREEN


Quickly flashed the original then redid the saviour (this is the first time I tried flashing across diff mobo makers and I wanted to be confident in the bios,that's why I opted to reflash the saviour) --> write fail on one of the blocks on the saviour --> what does it mean?

Tried a couple more times, awdflash would hang the computer


Rebooted and tried getting into windows. "some files are missing",greaaaat...


restarted with the windows cd and now it's back to three blinking keyboard leds --> Difference between blinking and non-blinking keyboard leds?


I tried searching for what blinking keyboard lights mean but turned up nothing. If people remember what their keyboards were doing if/when they hit a corrupted BIOS, that'll help add to the pool of knowledge.


Thanks all, I wish I could have posted something more positive for a first post.



Additional note: I had hard L12 mod and war mod done. I had to take out the proc last week to attach my fan controller's temp sensor and forgot to put them back in. I noticed more cold/warm boot problems but was too lazy to put them back in right away since a reboot would suffice. How much higher is the chance for bios corruption w/o these mods (more specifically the war mod)?


My normal day-to-day settings

[email protected]

[email protected] cpc disabled default alpha timings/driving/slew

1.7v vdd

1.6v agp


With all the variable fans, I control them so cpu temps don't exceed 45, nb and sb < 33

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