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NF2 Ultra Infinity SATA problem

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Hi guys,


I'm having some problems with my rig's SATA drive which happens to be the system's primary drive.


Each time I boot the system, it's a russian roulette game to see if it will manage to find the SATA drive or not and if it does find it whether it will be able to boot from it.


When the system reaches the Sil3114 drive detection screen, one of 3 things will happen:


1) It will hang there and not see the drive

2) It will find a drive but it will either have garbage (ASCII 127-255) characters or it have a slightly distorted name for the drive (e.g. DH... instead of HD...) and often will have the wrong drive size

3) It will find the drive and have the right name and drive size


Once it's past that and done going through looking for a bootable floppy or CD it will sometimes come up with Boot Failures or other such messages. It seems like boot failures happen if it doesn't move on the the POST screen right after (i.e. < 0.5s) detecting the SATA drive.


Now, if it actually manages to boot, it will randomly get blue screens that say something like "Hardware Failure, please contact your hardware vendor" but doesn't specify what device failed. The frequency of these blue screen increased over time and where present before I started having the SATA booting problems, so it might be unrelated. However, now that I have these SATA boot problems the blue screens happen VERY frequently, to the point where I don't even have time to burn a CD to backup my data.


I might have made some inroad in fixing the problem this morning as I tried replacing the SATA cable and right after I did that the system booted fine on the first try.


Will all this said, here are my questions:


1) Did anybody ever experience such symptoms and found the fix for it?

2) What is most likely the cause of the problem? The SATA controller, the cable or the drive?



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It will hang there and not see the drive


oh yeah, At our house it's called "that @#$%^&* SATA connector" problem. It has happened with a couple of rigs I have seen. Replace the cable and just pray it's not a bad connector on the HDD.

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