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875B, BIOS settings changing by themselves?

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Looking for some advice on what might be happening with my system.


A few weeks ago I rebooted my system and after it posted it started to spontaneous reboot itself. I had to press the key to boot up at default values and per the POST screen it was at default for both cpu and memory but it continued to reboot.


I then went into BIOS and noticed that the fsb was up to 240 and memory was at 5:4 with loose timings which was strange because I haven't used those settings in some time.


Figured it was just a random occurrence so I changed the BIOS settings and system has acted normal up until last week when I started using Ghost2003 to image my system to backup drives.


On Wednesday I backed up twice to two different drives, rebooting between backups with no overclock on the system.


That went fine but on Thursday I decided to back them up again because I had downloaded xmas pics from my digital camera.


No go on Thursday. Whether starting Ghost from Windows or starting out with a Ghost floppy boot disk Ghost would fail within a few minutes. (tried each way about 3-4 times)


Upon rebooting the system after Ghost failed I'd get the spontaneous reboot loop until I went into BIOS and noticed that the fsb was at 240 and mem at 5:4.


Somehow, the system is not overclocked at time of POST but by the time Ghost starts running the settings have changed by themselves.


It appears it might be loading old settings from CMOS Reloaded config 1 but after I overwrote them with a default 200fsb I still had the same problem.


And I don’t think this issue is solely tied to Ghost, upon rebooting last night it posted fine but then went into the reboot loop.


Any suggestions?


I did flash to the most recent BIOS and load default settings but continued to have the problem.

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Umm. I have had the multiplier change on me and have screen shots to prove it.


I would think to start from scratch. Forget ghosting. Get xp to load. Then go from there. I understand this is not what you want to hear but this is my suggestion. Start from scratch see what is not inter-acting right.


From what i t sounds like its when you are "ghosting" the problems arise. Is it possible the "ghost" is causing the problems? Like there is a conflict?



I read the post but that is my humble opinion:

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Budster--thanks for the reply


This XP install is relatively recent (within last 6 months) so I'd rather not re-install. I was ghosting just to back up data.


Also, this fsb increase/rebooting loop has happened three times when not using ghost so it isn't the only trigger that causes it.


I'm not sure whether to try and RMA it or troubleshoot some more but the seemingly random nature makes it difficult to deduce what it may be.


Also the fact that it works fine one day but not the next (with no software/hardware changes in between) make me leans towards thinking it is is a motherboard issue.

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