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hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!


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Ok, JeffP and I were getting into some hdd benchmarks, and it reminded me of when we did it at PCPER one time. It became a worthy thread (and cause for a lot of . and moaning by a few) from the sheer volume of interest.



So, I thought I'd start another. Lemme give ya, of course, some rules for this thread so we all start off on the same foot:


1. use the programs I link you to. From all my testing, HD Tach and ATTO are the best for simple testing. Consistency is the key when benchmarking also, and these two programs are consistent across all platforms when benched under the same settings.


2. This isn't a penis measuring contest. If you can crank out 140MB/s read and write then great. But please lets keep it to the 'informative and hey i gonna try that setting' attitude ok? This is for everyone to compare their hdd marks and maybe learn how to make them a little faster?



3. Please make sure you set the program (ATTO) just like I have in my pic. If you do not test with same settings, then it will be meaningless to compare to mine and anyone else's that uses same settings.




HD Tach v3 - freeware version


Yes, it's on the ATTO site. But you Need to Register for download



select ATTO Configuration tool

Halfway down the page is "Windows HBA Utilities v3.20"

the file name at download is "win_app_hbautil_3.20.exe"


these programs are small and easy to use.




now...I'll start with my screens for comparison. 2 Raptor 36GB drives with a 70GB RAID-0 stripe, 64k stripe size with default NTFS clusters on a 9.76GB partition:








also keep in mind this is the jess1313 9/14/2004 BIOS. Not sure which NVRAID BIOS it has but some of you might have a later NV RAID bios than me. Im using whatever drivers came with the board for F6 and the NV 5.10 chipset drivers.


happy comparing!

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HD Tach score. Alright guys lets see how the other DFI boards and HDs are stacking up. From my results and Angry_Games it seems they are working well above the average of the competition.

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yep looks like once your 16MB cache fills up its rock and roll time on those 16GB maxtors.


note to all: his Maxtors are NCQ and only the NF4 (coming soon to a PC near you) and the ICH6R (Intel) controllers can fully take advantage of NCQ functions. (and the NF4 is SUPPOSED to so we'll see how that all works out heh)

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You really can't trust the HD Tach burst speed readings. From their forums.



So if you are using HD Tach with a RAID array of a single drive on a RAid controller be aware that the program that detects "burst speed" is not accurate and may be reading high OR low. That being said this screen is 2x74G Raptors at 32 stripe/8 cluster




EDIT: July 19th, 2006 - To download the latest ATTO Benchmark see here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...&postcount=1252


ATTO - Again, I am using NF2 rigs with the Silicon Image 3114 controller and I think most are aware that a glitch in the controller gives you slower writes (always have been limited to 85,000 or less).


uwackme, RGone and others have verified this in numerous threads. I think I have used every 3114 bios and driver available and unfortunately they all yield almost identical results including Hellfire's modded 5.127 and the 5.045 in compufan's bios.


1st the 2x74G with 5.035 bios 16stripe/16 cluster




same array with Hellfire's 5.127 modded bios




the 2x36G array with 5.127




I thought I read somewhere that either the 939 nf3 or nf4 boards will be using the Sil Image 3114 controller again. Sure hope that is not true as I have found Sil Image to be unresponsive to emails regarding a performance solution for my current rigs.


Also testing a partition with the OS on it generally givers slightly lower results for me.


Just some thoughts and sheet :)

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Ok Rgone, guess I was hoping for a miracle.


O think my last post is only confusing the issue after re-reading it.

lol. can you or angry please do me a favor and delete the post above yours

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Well I just hooked up my Raptors.. I just imaged my old raid and restored it to the raptors.. Im gona be formating this weekend but couldnt wait to hook em up.. :)


Im using a cheap 3112a sil card and the raptors..


16k Stripe and I think 16k Cluster.. not sure of the Cluster cuz its been a while..but its either 16k or windows default..






Im liking them..





Opps.. I forgot to check "neither" in the options in Atto.. here is another ..seems a little lower..



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