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my oc is not get any progress in 3dmark01! why ?


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Hi, i oc my XP1700+ up to 2700+ (2170Mhz) AND no problem with stability ! I had prime95 running for almost 8h and no errors and the temperature is between 40 in standby and 50 in full use!


anyway my problem is not with with the cpu or the board..everything works grate with those BUT.. my video card is not seems to get any progress at all with the raise of the cpu , i mean that i get only 11500 in 3dmark2001 and with cpu at 2000Mhz or even lower the score is almost the same !


so.. my question is.. what i'm doin wrong ?

oc specs:

166x13 @ 1.75v

memory: 1x128 pc2700, 1x128 pc2100 with 2.5-4-4-8 default

voltage (i know i need another memory.. but thats all i got for now :( )


AGP: 67Mhz default voltage

chipset voltage, default

agp fast writes is off


so.. pleasse help me... what could be the problem ?

i think it may be the memory... very slow..



PS: the video card is GeCube Radeon 9550 GU-C3P

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