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computer freezes/sound stuck in loop

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I have not swapped in/out any components since I have gotten the motherboard. While playing Diablo II I randomly started losing my internet connection. I contacted support then and they said it sounds like the onboard LAN is shorting and to put the motherboard on a cardboard box and see if the problem persists. Since that time the motherboard has been on a cardboard box and the problem is still there. Also while playing Diablo II my computer would freeze up randomly and my sound would be stuck in a loop. This problem with the computer freezing and sound looping has happened in several of my games I play. One last problem I have had is once in a while my computer will not reboot after I hit the reset button it just hangs.

I have tried removing the drivers and re-installing them. I also tried re-installing a couple of the games I play but neither of those solutions worked. I formatted my hard drive, put windows back on it and updated to SP2 and that did not work. I tried placing my motherboard on a cardboard box like support told me to and that has not fixed the problem.


1 gig Corsair PC3200 SDRAM - 2 sticks of 512 in slots 2 and 3

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ "Barton" CPU

Radeon 9700 Pro video card

350W power supply

Onboard LAN

Onboard Sound

Bios version 6/19/04b

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please check the rules and the Important Info threads stuck to the top of this section, paying close attention to the second post in teh 'critical' thread (about system specs in your sig).


this helps us tremendously to help you solve your issue if we can see what is in your system every time you post.


Be as thorough as possible please. Voltages, timings, settings, bios version. The more information you give us about the problem, and the more details about your hardware in your sig = more help we can give you.




i suggest also RMA'ing the board to your vendor if you are still within your return period. If you are outside of your return period then contact DFI and we'll help you begin the RMA

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