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Sill 3114 which bios bin to insert to update???

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Okay this has probably been asked afore but i would like to try this out myself and was wondering if any of you bios modders can help out as you know this......I want to use the 1218 bios as this is the one my mobo is most happy with, stability with decent OC is what i am looking for.......BUT i want to update the Sata bios from 5031.bin to the most recent which is 5044.bin. Now the thing is when i download 5044 from SIls sight i get 3 files in the download zip a 5044.bin/ r5044.bin/ b5044.bin....Now i do understand that the r is the raid one, and the b is the ide one. What is the plane 5044.bin??????????? Is the first question

I would assume that i would use the r5044.bin BUT i remember doing this for RGone afore when i modded a bios for him, it was when all were trying to figure out what the prob was with the 3114 slow R/W,,,,,,, if i remember right i released an older 5031.bin and replaced it with a 5039.bin BUT i cant remember if i inserted the bin as r5039.bin or just plane 5039.bin (ie i renamed it from r5039 to 5039......Either way i remember Gonsta saying it did not work......So that is kinda what i am asking, which bin file from the downlowd do i use?????? I am guessing the ® one for raid and do i have to rename it too 5044.bin to get it too work>>> Cheers guys for any input.......

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