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Problems with LanParty UT NF3 250gb?

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First of all i am having a problem with the sata and an ide i cant get the serial ata to read as c: and when i do get it to work i get an ntrl.dll file missing sometimes. When i did boot it up and i dont know how i know have a little icon on the bottom of the screen that says safely remove hardware and its my Raptor 74 gig the main drive where my os is. I want to know if there is a way to get this thing so that if i have to reformat it it boots up my raptor as a c drive and second i want to get rid of that icon on the bottom cause my little brother clicked it and messed up my computer :(. Another thing im having trouble with is i want to overclock the processor to a 2.2 gig i have a 3200 with ocz Platinum pc 3200 the timings on it are 1T and i want to do this by just ocing the proc rather than messing with fsb :) let me know if you can help and i hope i explained myself okay :(




Windows XP SP2

DFI LanParty UT nF3 250Gb

Newest Bios

AMD64 3200+ Clawhamer CG

1X512MB OCZ PC3200 Platinum Edition Non REVISION 2

Sapphire 9800 Pro

WD 80Gb 8mb cache 7200rpm HD

WD 74Gb Raptor SATA

Plextor Preimium CDRW


Coolermaster Praetorian

w/2 Front Fans, 1 Ontop

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Could you give the forum a list of what components you're using?

See the bottom of other people's posts for examples...


I'm not able to answer your question because I'm not fully up to speed on the motherboard or SATA drives either, even though I'm working on it.


I did have the missing ntrl.dll keep me from booting up a few times but it hasn't happened recently. The "Safely Remove Hardware" icon is actually pretty cool. Click on it and follow the instructions and you can remove your SATA drives while your system is hot.


In the BIOS you can chose during boot-up which of your drives you want to boot from. I have been alternating between my IBM IDE HD and both of my Maxtor SATA HDs as I try to fix some problems of my own.


I'm no help at all on overclocking. That won't come until I've got my system running like a top and totally stable. Then I'll try baby steps...





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I'm going to mention this just in case you haven't done it:


OK, in the BIOS settings go to Advanced BIOS Features and in Hard Disk Boot Priority you should have both your hard drives listed. select your SATA and move it into the first position by pressing the + key. That will make it your boot drive.


I would highly recommend going into Add/Remove Programs and selecting nVidia Drivers. When it asks you what you want to delete, just check the IDE driver to remove it. I haven't had any real problems after I did that.


Also, the Safely Remove Hardware icon is now gone from my taskbar!


(I kinda liked it, but it ain't something I'll use often.)


Oh- lastly:




go here to download the (much more complete) online version of the Motherboard manual in .pdf format.


It's kinda big (5MB) but that's 117 pages all in english!





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