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any oc'ing software for lanparty UT 250

Guest ElAguila_merged

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Guest ElAguila

I just got my lanparty UT 250 installed. I have an AMD64 3400 Newcastle. This is my first amd64. I haven't tried any oc'ing yet. I thought I would let it run for a week or so to make sure there are no kinks in the system. When I had my nfs-7 mobo and 2600 mobile cpu, I had a couple of software programs that I could use to set the memory timings and bus speed and voltage. I liked using the software to get my initial oc settings and then set them in the bios. Are there any programs that can do this with this board? I used to use 8rdavcore but that program doesn't appear to support this mobo and cpu. Also, is there a good oc guide for the amd64 and maybe this board as well?

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