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Thermal throttling gives extra stability¿ (and other questions)

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just put your specs in your sig and everybody who can help you won't have to ask many questions resulting in a faster more accurate and specific reponse to your query.

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Thermal Throttling is simply a mechanism for the CPU/motherboard to ... UNoverclock you on the fly based on temp.


Prolly not something that co-exists well with OC'ing really.


Sure you are more stable at a higher overclock.... cause you aint overclocked.

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Jod3r: Lo que te pide Rgone es que pongas las especificaciones de tu PC (especificando procesador, memorias, motherboard, voltages, timings de las memorias, etc) en la firma que figura al final de cada post tuyo. Para poner todas esas especificaciones, tenes que ir a user cp- edit profile y en el lugar donde dice signature poner las especificaciones, como por ej. la mia



Athlon64 3400+ CG ([email protected]+110%)

Tt Venus12

OCZ 1x512 Performance 3200 rev.3 (3-3-3-10 [email protected])

eVGA 6800GT

SB Audigy 2 6.1


Maxtor DiamondPlus 120GB Sata

OCZ PowerStream 520w

Viewsonic E70f+sb

Logitech Mx-310 & Z-640



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