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want to start Overclocking


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Ive read most of the tips and info on verclocking the amd64.

Im still confused. I have most of my settings in bios set to default or auto except fast writes. How can i tell what these auto values are?

Iread you should find the max overclock for cpu memory etc, and even info about it. But cant seem to find what the info refers to in the bios. Is there a step by step guide? I just dont want to change the wrong fields.

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If you what to see what your timings are when set to auto in bios you can download A64Tweaker and that program will let you read most of your timings.

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we'll only help you if you are a true hockey fan!




honestly...there's so many resources for learning about how to overclock...that it would take us pages and pages to write it all out for you.


its not that we are lazy, we just have all read hundreds of sites, articles, papers etc on the subject, and then experimented and finally experienced all sorts ourselves, and could ourselves write books about it...its really a complex dance of daring, equipment quality, the right settings, and logical sense...and a LOT of trial and error.


Google is one place to begin...overclockers.com I think has some 'how to' sites...I am sure a few will help you out (as will I) but if this is your first venture into any kind of overclocking...we suggest you read up as much as you can before you make a single adjustment, and ask as many questions as you can.


consider it like the first time you got to drive a car...if you'd never done it before you could probably drive...but would end up in a wreck and kill yourself or someone.



only real difference in overclocking is you just kill boards and processors etc (unless you caught something on fire and killed an entire block lol). And cops dont give you tickets either I suppose =/


see where I'm headed with this? We aren't elitists who cant be bothered to teach you...this site is here for that purpose...but learning is learning...


and learning isn't having someone tell you what to do when you don't know diddly about it. Learning is reading and studying as much as possible and then taking little baby steps (first time i got to 220FSB on my own was actually a pretty big joy for me).


Once you got at least an understanding of how things interact and why doing this or doing that is or might be important, then its ok to say 'hey RGone how the hell did you get 278FSB 1:1 on that damn thing?' because you could only get 255FSB yourself...and when RG explains in his crazy redneck manner of 'well shore first thang wuz ta be in tha right sunlite cuz ya know how it goes with RAM on sundays when you wantin ta change this or that and then ya know bang yer at 278FSB' and it all the sudden makes sense to you (trust me it does!) and you go try his changes...and blammo you got 282FSB ;)


and the best part is you realize what you were doing wrong and/or why...instead of just telling someone 'hey it didnt work' and expecting them to just keep walkin ya through it.


Understanding is the whole key...and then experience comes with it as you start to apply understanding.



NOW...that being said (who knows you might be a master AthlonXP overclocker...but you didn't specify anything like that so can't harm me for assuming right? heh)...


answer some stuff for us...do you know anything about overclocking?


do you know anything about RAM? about timings? voltages? different processors? things like FSB, ratios, HTT, LDT, BIOS...?


knowing your level is the way to let us help you. You might know all this crap already but if you dont tell us, we'd send you to Overclocking 101 and you'd be pissy that we sent ya off to learn what you already know ;)


or we might just say 'do this and that' and you dont have a clue at all about the first thing when it comes to overclocking, burn up yer board, and then blame one of us (though honestly...it would be RGone's fault even if he never exchange a word with you at the forums, email or telephone hehe).


and also...dont look at this as a 'AG is looking down on you for being a noob' cuz im not...i only stress the importance of information and communication....you have to communicate information to us so we can communicate the right information back to us.


you'd be surprised at the number of ppl that show up here and other forums and just expect us to have all the answers...we don't...but we might have a lot of them...and we might be able to lead you to a lot more of them...



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Yes am a true hockey fan - Was season ticket holder back when the hawks played in the madhouse on madison before they put up the shopping mall they call a hockey rink. . Even played adult league.

I think i've seen your hockey pics on the site if that was yours.

I have plenty of time to OC on my hands judging by tuesdays non agreement.


Ok im a Noob. sort of anyway. I have overclocked my old celeron and athlon xp. But this was just with fsb / multiplier. Nothing to the extreme but faster then stock. I understand a little about voltages and ram timings but am no expert. I'm not really looking for what should i set everything to. more of where do i start. I read that i need to find my max but dont know what to lower from auto and what to raise with all these settings to find this out. Right now im only using stock HS/FAN on the CPU but will change if needed. my temps are at 22c idle but that my be incorrect. I figure i would add 10c to be safe. My athlon xp ran around 45c idle. the a64tweaker will at least let me know what the auto settings are so i have a base. this was one sticking point I was having. Im a little overwhelmed by all the settings and want to make sure im only making baby steps.


Ive been messing with computers since the commodore 64 days. then 386, 486 .......and so on. I know RAM and little about timings, Dont know what tccl or bh6 ?? is or how to check. FSB but little about HTT, I know more volts = more power more heat. LDT not familiar with. I know the 278 is the FSB and the 1:1 is the ratio. But dont know how to set my ratio to 1:1 on this board, or if thats what its set at already or if its called something else.


I dont like doing things without understanding what it is im doing which is why i didnt jump right into the pool to begin with. Im sorry I didnt go into more detail of my experience so the noob shots are well deserved.


I appreciate you taking the time to respond and dont want to waste anyones time when they could be out making a pull and drag and putting the biscuit where grandma keeps the cookies. If you need more info in my sig just let me know. I think i covered it all. Thanks again

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heh see thats what we needed to know ;)


now...first first first thing...



you want a Thermalright SLK-948U (especially if your cpu is without a heatspreader!) or an XP-90/XP-120


you can buy other heatsinks of course...but I can guarantee that about 90% of air-cooler users here will tell you to get a Thermalright.


SLK-948U i like more because it is bolt-thru the board action.


XP90 is very light aluminum and does a kick butt job but I dont like the way it clips in...and it has a tendency to rip the cpu right out of the socket once your AS5/Ceramique thermal grease sets in (tho you might never need to remove it...you might...what happens when you say 'time for one of these xxxxx cpu's that will overclock waaaay better' or something of that nature?)


choice is up to you, but I'd go out and get me one of those very first thing and keep reading while you waiting (if you order online). Knowledge is power. Stock heatsink just aint gonna cut it.


next thing really need to know is which 3000+ you have...


is it a 3000+ Newcastle (512k L2) cpu? C0 or CG stepping?


or maybe a 3000+ Clawhammer (1MB L2) cpu? C0 or CG stepping? (check stickies in main 64-bit section for amd cpu tables @ my site...angrygames.com)


next is to determine what chips are on your RAM. If your have heatspreaders, this is a bit more difficult, and we never advise you to remove the spreaders (even though they are useless and can actually cause them to be hotter!). But dont worry about that...spreader or not its gonna be ok.




check the TCCD thread stuck to the top of the 64-bit board section. If yours isnt listed, run CPU-Z and see if you can determine what it is.


failing that, put your RAM in google and some other person from another forum might already have found out what chips are on your modules.


and at last, get ahold of the mfg of the modules and make them tell you heh. Knowing what IC's are on your DIMMs can make a LOT of difference...if they are Winbond BH-5 then we already know a LOT about what makes them tick and what they like.


if they are TCCD...well...read through the TCCD stuff (search button @ forums here is your friend! so is Anandtech's review of a bunch of TCCD based modules all at once!).



you got a decent power supply (its actually a great power supply from what a lot of users say...im just old and only grudgingly respectful of something that isnt Fortron or Enermax when it comes to PSU's lol).


make sure you get a good fan for that Thermalright heatsink too...a Thermaltake SmartFan2 80mm adjustable is a perfect choice...as is a good adjustable 92mm fan (I use enermax 92mm's myself when not using the Thermaltake 80mm Smartfan2).


there's other good fans too but this is your starting point. Dont let anyone make you buy something...unless 10 out of 10 dorks agree on it...and 10 out of 10 dorks cant even agree that Capt Kirk committed a Universe Crime in episode 119 when he knowingly put Ensign Jabree into the Trans-Oscillating Gender Refabricator and ended up smashing the Proto-nucleic Warp Core generation stabilizer.


(take that you dirt Star Trek geeks!)


another reason why your cpu stepping/core is important as we can maybe judge better on your temps...some have very strange readings that are not even close to actual heh. Again this means you will most likely have to pull off your cpu's heatsink to find out ( you can do this when you change to the new heatsink that i know you are going to buy because you want to overclock haha).


check the code on it vs the ones on my site. If you want a more enhanced way of cleaning cpu/heatsink and installing...you can check some of those mod links at angrygames...i give pics and details etc (the ones where I am wearing the rubber gloves and smoking a cig and trying to keep you from noticing the cobwebs in the corner of my old apt!).


LDT, HTT, FSB, A64...that is definitely some searching here and across google...these things are not like AMD AthlonXP and Intel Pentium4 cpu's...they are a whole different story...but yet once you get the gist of how it all works...its like TCP/IP networking...you get this realization and it all clicks.


good screens to check are also here:




the DRAM timing screen shows you how to make sure you are 1:1 (its the first setting highlighted in red, 1:01).


as for a real understanding of RAM timings, I highly suggest you check this flash bit straight from Corsair themselves:


Corsair Memory Basics Presentation


its good stuff....pay attention, but you dont have to be ultra-nerd and know it all when it is done...its just a guide to help you maybe understand some things which you will want to be able to understand down the road a bit when you get more advanced.


we get paid (RG and I) for this so its not wasting time...well i mean it is but we are getting paid for it so maybe we wasting DFI's money for hiring two jokers like us? hahaha. *ahem* i better delete that before they see it and demand we take a paycut from $32.00 a week to $27.00 a week...


digest all of that...then come back for more ;)

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Man you type fast and respond quick.

I actually have one of those thermalrite (i think sk-6) i used on my socket A. Will look into one of the a64 variteties.

I actuall very carefully and gently removed the heat spreaders off the memory and wrote down all the numbers ( just have to find that little piece of paper(lol). I had replaced the heat spreaders but have no problem removing them if thats the better option. I also thought about writing down the info from the cpu - but i forgot to in my excitement to give her a test drive. That wont be a big deal to do when i get a new HS/fan as long as i remember (lol). My rig is in the coldest room in the house so ambient temps are great, the doggie door does a good job of helping that out. Work in data centers so im used to cold rooms.

I really like the modular connection with the ultra-x 500w. keeps all those wires to a minimum. I have a Antec true blue 480 on standby as backup.


I dont mind a little fiddlling as i succesfully modded a HDD with a Window. It still works but mostly for show lol.

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