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The Quest

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Well I got my toastie, which was nice, but I'm a little bored now. System is nice and stable, runs like a dream. Despite all the best RGone advice.....


time to fiddle again! :D


So here's my little quest - 2 small goals if you will.


CPC on - I want that 1T!


More more more FSB lets take a trip to 260 station.


For the record - The startline


250FSB x 10 @ vCore 1.85 vAGP 1.6 vChipset 1.7 vDimm


11- 2-2-2-2.0-9-12 1-1-2-2-2-1-2- e-e-f-d 4-11 4-11 4-11


3dMark 2001 - 20602

Sandra Mem BW - 3780 3522

Sandra CPU Arith - 10300 4004


First of I'm gonna loosen out those alphas and drop the multi to 9 as I hunt some FSB.


Wish me luck - you advice and interest is welcomed.

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good luck, I can get 260fsb memtest stable, but it wont prime blend for anything. I think the chipsets top 260-265 sometimes. Keep us updated.

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