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Originally posted by Katch

Whats the SPD table like on those sticks if you could get a CPU-Z spd report that'd help.


I'm curious to know more about this. My RAM is 2-3-2-5 while in CPU-Z it says 3-3-2-6. what is the signifance of this second set of numbers? is this a CPU-Z recommendation or is this what the bios is telling it to say? I'm a bit confused. What should I be doing with this info?



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cpu-z reads the spd table values from the ram stick. IF you are overclocked, it may be reading the recommended timmings for your fsb




mine is 217

2 3 3 7

on spd


and 2 2 2 7 at 200 i believe (never even booted at 200fsb lol)


even though I run


2 2 2 11

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