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Overclocking the 6/19 official !!!

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I was using the 11/27/03 Bios, now I switched to the 6/19 Official..


There's more tweak options, in the memory area.


Any suggestions, or things I need a heads up for, when tweaking this Bios?

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AMD XP 2100 T-Bred B


200 X 10 = 2000Mhz (Prime Stable)

250 X 9 = 2.250 Mhz (Xp and Game Stable, Prime fail's in under 1 minute...lol)

Thermaltake Volcano 9

32 c (idle) 36 c (Full Load)




1. I've found doing the wire mod to be performance enhancing especially when using Tbreds. It's called the "war mod" around here. I have an Epox Nf2 and easily I improve fsb capability by over 10 mhz. With the Barton however, it seems not to improve significantly. Use search or google.


2. So it's prime stable at 2 ghz..... so why not try 250 x 8 as initial for prime95 testing ?


3. What Vdimm do you use? Bh-5.... then go for 3.3 volts for maximum expectation and maybe relax timings to 2.5,3,3,3,11, cpc on or off, if still unstable.


4. What are your other voltages? ...... a Vcore of 1.75-1.8 would sufficiently cover for your overclock of 2-2.2 ghz as long as your temps do not exceed 50 at full load. Chipset should be at 1.7-1.8 and AGP at 1.6-1.7.


5. Whats your PSU .... does it hold steady at the 12 volt rail and delivers at least 11.4 volts? Is it at least 25 amps or higher in that rail?


6. Regarding the other memory parameters in bios; I would advise you to leave it in AUTO for the moment. However if you feel the itch to scratch it, I would advise you to have the NF2tweaker tool as developed by tictac and code red. With this tool, you can view in windows the default timings adapted to your Cas2,2,2,2,11,13,15. Record this, if you plan to manipulate the numbers, especially if you plan to change it in bios. The good thing is, you can pretest your new numbers in windows sort of like in clockgen.


I would advise you against tighter timings (smaller numbers) than what you recorded as your default. I had to change bios chips twice because of my misadventure into the realm of "tightness". :nod: You can use this however, to loosen timings for stability, like when trying to stabilize the looping runs of 3dmark1001.


Good luck !!!!!!:)

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The best bios for DFI NF II Ultra Infinity ???




TicTac 3d fire R2


Hellfire N24ID619-3EG-REV2...for...bh5





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