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front audio question

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hey guys .. i got my system set up and i have xp installed .. i was just wondering out to set up the front audio for my case..


the part im confused about is .. which way to have thse little things pointed when i plug them into my mobo..


another problem is .. that in my manual it has the names of where to put each connector.. but not all of my connecters say what it says in the manual


my connectors say



mic vcc

mic data

ear l (this also has a little wire extending from it w/ another connector saything the same thing)

ear r (same thing w/ the little wire and the connecter as ear l)


the only one i know where to put for sure .. is the ground one .. besides that im not sure where to put the other ones .. and which way to point the connector .. could any of you help me w/ this??



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Hey pjr710,




gnd - gnd

mic vcc - mic power

mic data - mic

ear l - aud_l_out and aud_l_return (for the little wire)

ear r - aud_r_out and aud_r_return (for the little wire)


The orientation of the single connectors doesn't matter, it just has to contact the motherboard's pin securely.






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