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3dMark 2001 27ooo CRASHED!

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:nod: :shake: :nod:


holy crap IT FROM!!!!!!!


thats some great work man, and nice scores.



that radeon is doing some insaine clocks man





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Originally posted by IT.F.R.O.M.






Only changing my Simple Tech Nitro PC4000


260 cas 3 4 8 4 2T


With TwinMos Twister pro PC3200


260 cas 3 3 6 3 1T








Kamel how many time did you run the benchmark? You may have had a timer reset

that bumped the scores.


A 12 pipe x800 pro running 520/560 in a 250GB running 300x9 1:1 at CAS 2.5 will

pull a about 27,100 in 3DM01se with the drivers set to high quality.



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I go up 27000 also if i run the test once!


I had the best improvement switching from the 10/15 BIOS to the original one... Maybe it has more compatibility with samsung tccd...don't know...

Plus i have run all the first seven test together, not one by one...


You should know tha some required only a powerful cpu, ather wants also gpu power..


ex. Car chase...i can have more fps slowing the vga, while Dragothic requires both cpu and vga...


I don't know if i have a lucky hardware combination, can't say more than this..Plus i use 2 psu..


I want to tell u that i have just reached 27585, and i'm going to go upper... :)






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Guest dragon

I followed the link and isn't that the same name as the NForce 4 chipset?

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