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Highest Achievable FSB w/Mobile Athlon and Dfi NF2 Ultra Infinity?

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Hey, havnt had mch time lately to get involved (thatll change soon) w/ thread or forum, but a while back, I purchased nf2 infinity(updated to newest 11/19 bios), M-2600, slk-900a/tornado, lian li pc-6077, 1GB PC3200XL (2)dimm, 480 ps, 74 raptor, xfx 6800 gt. get specifics on stepping and such latr. runnin mild rite now, around 2400 @ auto voltage and200fsb, and runnin xfx gt @ultra spds. Plays farcry and nolf2 maxed out like butter. the kicker is i havnt had a chance to tinker. not my first home built system, but first time ive purchased purely to punch the hell out of a system, and after reading this forum, i cant wait any longer, the bug has bitten.


so now for the ?, what do yu recommend as highest voltages 1 should attempt in pushing this stuff? r limits based on temps or voltage #'s, both? Are the max volts in bios safe to attempt if im still below say 55c or 60c? I've seen most ppl dont attempt more than 1.85 or 9 w/out using WC on proc, but ive noticed ppl runnin full volts on ram w/out worry. i figure the best way is to raise fsb to max stable then raise volts, check temps, and continue to max fsb, repeat etc. and in the end find highest multi for proc. what da ya think?


apprecitate any input w/ more questions to follow and hope to have more to contribute in the coming month. noob to forums altogether too, so i's gots to figure this posting stuff out too! ive downloaded every freakin benchmark i can find and hope to have numbers, when i think shes good to go. sry ahead of time for anything sounding stupid.

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more volts

normally means less life

so its a matter a preference really

some say dont go past 1.775

cause that is when some processors start to die quick


i phear the 1.8

but some do 1.85 just to get 2.5 stable

so its really just up to you

its a matter of finding a good balance between speed/volts

2.4 w/stock volts is nice

but is it stable in prime95

if so thats a nice thing

but very few proc's do it that good

so i'd say if you can do 250X10 then your at a nice point


ummm , it all depends on your memory, on how much you give er

butter, well butter isn't the best word for it

its more like luck


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thx, gdogg. I'll take it slow and see where it goes. and no, i havnt run any benches yet, but heres hopin for the best.

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