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Bios saver ?

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Give me all the skinny you can on the LE problem and maybe

between us we can figure it out.


I'm sure you have been to the VC website and some of the

phase-change forums?


I know a couple of VC guru's who would possibly know if

I could shoot them some information.




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thanks m8


right the problem is when i hook up the board with the PE turn it on then 5 secs later it turns off...:mad:


now i know the vapo is working fine (hot wired it)and the board so there must be a problem between the chillcontrol and the new board.


maybe i have to wait till they do a bois update for the chillcontrol.

but it would be nice if they told me so.

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The 'ol re-set bug.


Recall when this bug first began to show it's ugly head

and for the most part it seemed to be caused by an

incompatable Mboard BIOS.


Then peeps found the basic work around was to run 2 power

supplies. Run the cooler on 1 without having any of the chill

controll (re-set etc) wiring hooked up to the board. Run

the Mboard on the 2nd power supply.


Flip on the power to the cooler and let 'er ease on down on the

- celcius.... then flip on the power from supply #2 and let the

Mboard boot up.


This all defeats the purpose of having everything in one case

and using the designed system with one PSU. That TAGAN

480 is supposed to be a good one.


Sure you have heard all of this allready.


I run this Mach 1 with 2 power supplies because I don't

want the chillcontroll on this unit involved in anything. I

kick on the 1st power supply and when the LED reads -45

then I kick on power supply #2 for the Mboard and boot up.


Let me go run this by a Vapo-Chill friend of mine.






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