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USB & Mic & Sound Problems

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I got some problems with my front USB ports, Both mic ports and Sound Driver problems. I got a DFI Lanparty i865pe mobo running on a 3.0ghz and 1gig memory. Everything inside the computer is hooked up properly, according to the manual that came in with the mobo. The problem is that my USB ports (both from the FrontX and the case) are disabled for some reason. Do I need to change a jumper or something??? Theyre plugged in, although the ground wires on one of them are floaters (not plugged in to anything).


Also I got a mic problem. It doesnt work. Everything is hooked up correctly or so I think. Suppose you have a single connector || foing into a pin |. The || has 4 sides, on one of them it says mic. Where does the mic side face? Does it matter? Because thats the only problem I can see with the mic problem not working. And yes the mic itself works.


Lastly I just bought me an X-620 Logitech 6.1 Surround Sound system, and my mobo has a 5.1. But the it reaches a 5.1 with 2 speakers, subwoofer and headphones. Therefore my sound seems somewhat distorted and not as clear as it could be. The C-Media drivers I think i shut down because i cannot find their site anymore. Can I download different drivers? Is there something where I can tweak it to sound normal? Because the front 2 speakers are producing normal sound, center is usually quiet, the back one is mute (6.1, i know) and the left right back ones are echoes which distort the sound all together. It sounds like the music is coming from a pipe and not from the speakers. Weird. Or is it a speaker fault?


Thanks a lot for answering,


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make sure USB ports are enabled in the bios (all, 1.1 + 2.0)


make sure you have USB drivers in and the non-critical update from Windowsupdate that specifically addresses USB1.1/2.0)


I will ask TW if we have any newer drivers for the audio on this board (I've only had 2.1 speakers hooked up to my LP 865 and though it sounds really good, I just don't have enough 5.1 speakers to run through them =/ )

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