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RAID SATA and other drives on the system

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I would like to know if it's possible to assemble the following setup with my Lanparty NF2 Ultra B motherboard:


I would like to have two Western Digital Raptor HDDs connected together in SATA RAID, and use other SATA or IDE drives as storages.


For example:

2x drives in SATA RAID (for OS)

1x SATA drive (for stuff)

1x IDE drive (for stuff)


Is it possible to achieve this configuration?

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But I was more wandering how do i achieve that in terms of configuration/connections...I mean, the board has 4 sata connectors, and, if i use just 2 of them for the two main OS drives, do the others remain usable for other non-raid array HDD's?

I'm thinking that by enabling RAID on them, the board will assume that all the 4 connectors are meant to be for array members, and so, if i plug in another one in there, it will think that i'm trying to add another RAID member: a situation i want avoided if possible!



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Don't worry theGathering, you can even turn sata raid on in the bios and just stick one drive on the controller. When you first attach drives, the controller says "push F4 for setup" and you do, and it says "what do you want to do with the drives", you can pick which drives go solo, which drives are in raid, and what your raid block size is (I recommend 16k it is quite fast).


The ide drives operate independently of the sata drives. If your case was big enough I guess you could have 4 each sata / ide provided you have enough power and cable.

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