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LanParty NF3-250Gb SATA problem

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Hi all,


i got a problem trying to get my SATA drive (Western Digital Raptor 36GB) connected to the SATA 3 and 4.


The weird thing is that i got it connected once, when i installed my WinXP (together with the nvraid driver) the first time round.


Then some problems occurred, and i went over to my friend's Abit AV8-Pro rig to reformat the WD Raptor, came back, connect the HDD to SATA 1, proceeded to install WInXP(and the nvraid) and then when i tried to plug the HDD into SATA 3/4, it cannot be detected!!


I understand that SATA 1 and 2 are controlled by the Marxell chip, and the SATA 3/4 are by the nForce3 chip?


So what is the problem? Why cant i plug my HDD into SATA 3 and use it from there?


Also, for some strange reason, when i choose to shut down WinXP by the start->turn off method, the monitor will be turned off, but power continues to run in the motherboard! the CPU and GPU will still be running and such.


What has happened?


Heres my setup

CPU: AMD 64 Newcastle 3000+

M/B: DFI UT NF3-250Gb Lanparty

RAM: 2 x 512MB Patriot XBL TCCD PC3200 @ 2-2-2-5

GPU: GeXcube 9600XT 128MB 2.5ns

HDD: WD Raptor 36GB 10krpm


Thanks in advance guys, really need the connection to 3/4 for FSB push. =)

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I had the crappy sata cables you get in the box fail on me, the ends where the moulds are came away leaving bare cable and it couldn't see my secondary drive.


that was on first install.


did some work in the case now the primary cables died on me.


got some dfi orange ones as a replacement from the shop i bought from.


maybe yours are as poorly built as mine worth a try?

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