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cmos problem ??

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my computer was running fine untill this mornig. WHen i boot up my comp starts and what not, monitor turns on but my monitor goes black and there is this little blue sign that says check signal cable. I have had this problem before, so i reset my bios by shorting the mobo got into cmos and then reset everything then saved and exited. Now normally everything is ok after this but this time it went back to the check signal cable screen. so i tryed to just restart it once or twice and it worked but then said cmos error press f1 to continue or default to go to setup. i hit default and tryed again. So after a 1/2 hour of this i just said **** it and hit f1 then i got this at my load up screen http://poly.nrgservers.net/cmos%20error.jpg So now i have no idea whats going


(CPU) 1-Mobile AMD Athl, 1536MHz, 512KB (0% Load) .:.

(RAM) usage: 393/1024MB (38.38%) .:.

(GFX) RADEON 9800 XT Secondary (Omega 2.5.90), (Display) 1600x1200/32bit/85Hz


(OS) Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1 (5.1 - 2600), (uptime) 56m 29s .:. (HDDs) 87.2GB/232GB(37.5%) free



im also using the 6/19 bios

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There is a button on your monitor that changes the selection for different inputs depending on what input cable you are using:






Somewhere along the line you must have hit it. Find the button and click it and wait about 5 sec. If you get no picture push it again and wait 5 sec. and so on until you get to the right selection. I use a VGA cable and mine works on D-Sub. If you use a DVI cable then select DVI-D. S-Video (round 4 pin) select S-video, etc.

Since you cleared the CMOS you now need to enter the BIOS values again so just hit the Delete key and change what you want then hit the F10 key and the Enter key.


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