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Infinity strange beeps


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I' was testin my Barton 2800+ Desktop OC (192x12.5 @1.775v)

it's working fine in the last couple of days ago. So, i'm only testing the temperature dissipation (in a hot day)...


Well, the temps ok(NB39°C, CPU 53°C), prime runnning ok... then suddenly the speaker start to beep... something like (beep...beep...beep)


The only change in my system is addition of a zallman 92mm fan on

the case (3.5watts)


My PSU (400W )is not a good one, this sounds could possibly be related with the PSU ?


thanks to all :-)


PS.: Is there any information about the beep codes of this mobo(Nf2 Ultra Infinity) ?

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