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A couple questions

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Hey everyone,


Just purchased a UT 250gb last week and I've got a question.


I had my FSB up to 240 with my gig of Kingston BH-5 @ 1:1 3.1v and I was playing a game when all of a sudden a bluescreen pops up and this whistling sound starts to get louder and louder (not a fan, an electric sound) and stays loud until I turn off the machine. Touched the ram and it was warmish to hot. Then I put on another fan (zalman arm with 92mm fan) placed right over the ram (also a 120mm fan blowing on it from behind the HD's). Which cooled down memory temps pretty well, the memory would still get warm, but not hot like it did before; I also spread the memory apart from 1/2 to 1/3 for better heat disappation.


Now, anytime after that loading up windows took longer (from 1-2 bars to 3-4 bars) and I started to play that game again. Again, I got a blue screen and a loud whistling sound so I quickly turned off the power and checked the ram again and it was just warm. Lowered the voltage a bit then after loading up it took from 3-4 bars to 5-6 bars (the windows loading bar process).


I got some errors then in the game too @ 220 so I decided to go stock until I figured out what was going on. Which leaves me where I am now, I sometimes get some errors in War3 (fatal crashes) or in prime95 but I haven't seen any errors in memtest3.1...


Hardware I'm using:

2800+ amd64 (cg core)

ut 250gb

1gb kingston bh-5 hyperx

evga 5900se (beta drivers)

audigy 2zs

raptor 74gb sata drive

38gb maxtor ide drive

380w antec truepower psu (1 fan version)


Any help or ideas would be great, thanks.

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nice work, thx. I realized something in benchmarking my raptor drive. In sandra (i know it's not great for benchmarking) i was getting 13mb/sec and now i'm getting 56mb/sec(the extra boot time is gone too) after i uninstalled the serial ata controllers. What i'm wondering about now is whether i would gain any performance with my hd by putting it into a single drive raid (if that's even possible).


also, in sata controller (either of them) > properties > primary channel i can not change any settings (transfer mode, read/write caching/command queuing, etc).


any ideas? i've been searching on this site and on the internet for answers but have been left with more questions.

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oh, i also switched out the chipset heatsink for a Vantec "IceBerq" Coppery (as5) although i did cut off a bit too much around the mounting hole of the heatsink so there's a little gap but nothing that causes the iceberq to move at all, it's held pretty well.

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yea but i think it drops down to the speed of the slowest drive. i'm almost thinking about getting another raptor due to it's command queuing and they're on sale for cheap right now at newegg.


what gets me is why i'm still getting memory errors in warcraft3 / prime95 @ stock; going to run memtest some more.

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