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At long, long, long, long last


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I know this belongs in the toaster sigs thread .. but i'm so glad that I finally got there, that I thought i'd share it here.


I got 250x9.5 stable for the toaster .. then 255, and slowly inched it up one fsb at a time .. till the magical 263x9.5 to get a clock speed of just over 2500 as well.


I was amazed as all hell when i came back from campus today to see that prime was still on after 11 hours at 263x9.5 ...I waited for about 15 minutes to see if it was still gonna crash .. although a quick screenie would have made more sense.




ignore those mbm5 temps, they're after the system cooled for about 15 minutes.


i've been having problems with that link in mozilla, but it works fine in IE, just copy paste it i suppose if it doesnt work for you, or just type it in, it's not like it's complicated.

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