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PWM IC Very Hot?

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Hi all

Well, I just installed my lanparty 250Gb and everything is smooth etc (so far;) )except one thing maybe.


The PWM IC temp reading is at 50c under load, 38 idle. I just had alarms going off because they were set in Smart Guardian to do so at 50c (default) so I figure thats for a reason, is 50celcius to hot?

I'm using the BIOS from the sticky btw, BIOS version is the latest Oskar's 10/05 Beta w/4.66 RAID BIOS update.



Are any or you people getting this kinda temp with your PWM IC? I'm even using an XP-120 so some of the fan airflow is hitting it I reckon and it can't be right to be that hot?


Everything is stock, no overclocking (yet) and other temps are fine.


Any opinions please?






A64 3400+ Newcastle

1 gig OCZ EL pc3200 Platinum REV2

DFI Lanparty 250 GB

Tagan 480w PSU



Just add that at Idle temps are:


CPU 39c | PWM IC 38c | System 28c

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hi, i have same problem in fact it depends wat CPU im useing.


i have 2 3000+ NCs both same steping xept the 4 last letters.


my "WPMW" goes like my other "TPMW" 2.5GHz prime stable. @ same voltage ( 1.65V).


now the funny thing with the TPMW CPU PWN IC gets 60 degrees Celsius, on 100% CPU load eg prime test.


with the WPMW CPU it doset get hotter then 45 degrees!


why? i meen it should not be like that? also worth noting are that when under load my TPMW CPU seems to drop all voltages , say 12V gets low as 11.5 and 5V gets 4.5V.

but with the WPMW the voltages stays @ standard even if load or not.


this is odd indeed :S

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Thanks for the input Elix, strange indeed.


I'm not happy tbh, but If it's reading wrong then no problem but I have a sneaking suspicion it's reading more or less right. (because of other things)


Come on guys, 14 views and you can't look in Smart guardian and jot down some temps:angel:





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axel I'm running the same bios ver as you and an XP-120 and my CPU idle is 31 *and* I'm running 1.55 + 110% voltage. 39 seems very high for an XP-120 on a stock voltage cpu. Did you take your time mounting it and do a good job with a decent thermal compound?

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Thanks for the input chaps,


Toby, Yea it's fine mate.

I can see where you're coming from though but I have a very low rpm fan on it at this time (Vantech Stealth) 43 load.


I did have a YS-Tech but it was killing my ears:D


NO, the only problem I have here is the PWM. 50.c under load is very wrong imo.

I have been asking around and everyone has been saying their PWM temps are much lower than I'm seeing.

My sys temps are pretty good (28.c) I use 7 silent case fans for good air flow.


At the end of the day the PWM IC should not be hotter than the CPU though, I actually smelt some mild burning (or thought I did) could obviously be because of the newness of the board and I don't smell it now.


I really don't want to go through the RMA process but I think I'm running out of options as a Heatsink will be awkward under a XP-120 and I think that kinda only pushes the problem under the carpet till next summer when I will have problems.


Still very open to ideas though.



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I'm running low RPM fan as well on my XP-120... a silenx 58cfm 120mm. I lapped the XP-120 before mounting which probably accounts for a couple degrees.


Here's a screenshot of my idle temps for you to compare against:




and in case anyone wonders, the reason the CPU temp is red is because I set it to run the fan full-on starting at 30 degrees.

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CPU: 26°C

PWM: 35°C

SYS: 33°C


there's still some oddness about the temps...some of us show these low temps (which match, for the most part, what a temp probe tells us)


yet some are still showing up in the 50's or higher.


the problem might possibly be the many diff steppings of cpu that are out there, and then you got desktop, DTR, true mobile etc...Oskar still working like a crazyman to narrow everything down correctly...

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