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Problems overclocking


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I can run at 230x10 but if I try to get more my graphics break up. It will save to cmos and reboot but the picture is totally screwed. I have fast write disabled, agp speed at 8x, cpu disconnect disabled, agp frequency at 66 and 1.5 volts.

Any ideas what is happening?

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Some Saphire (sp) 9800 Pro's have this problem.

It's the nature of the beast.


When you get the screen with artifacts..... if you

power down and power right back up.... does it

come back up clean?


Which vendor has their logo on your9800?


You need a very strong 12V line and the

molex used for the 9800 Pro should not be a

shared line.


Set your AGP voltage at 1.8V in BIOS and see

if that doesn't help.


Try AGP speed at AUTO and SideBand Addressing

at AUTO. AGP freq may need something like 68

but I wouldn't go any higher than that.




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Originally posted by stowenrat

and if it isn't locked?


if its not well a AGP card dosent like to run say in 73 mhz agp speed gets unstable etc.

i know this was some issues on some other nF3 motherboards.. dont think the dfi has that hehe..


can also be as mentioned above.. do u have a other AGP card u can test?

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my 12volt rail is low ....... how low?


does it stay within 5% of rated or not lower than 11.40 volts at full load? Remember that just between your VC and CPU it will consume over 200 watts of what your PSU can provide.


You say, the 12v rail is NOT low if used in other MBs. Were you able to overclock higher than fsb 230 in the other mbs? The higher the overclock the greater the power requirements.

With apologies to A_G & Rgone, may I refer you to this link. Staph. generally knows his stuff !!



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