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Haha, im in the same boat too but im waiting for a xp-120. This freakin chip runs hot on stock cooling. I got a 3700 and popped the IHS off but its still freakin hot. Lowest it gets on a cold day and stock settings is 50c. I really cant wait for my xp-120 to get here, it should make one hell of a difference.

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Guest culinist
Originally posted by RGone

:D mr. KCKOSTUME....how goes et? Hehehehehehe. Looken at the mofo/mobo huh? Purty thang too!!!!Hehehehehehehe. I got to get a life cuz my broad....oOOPs I meant board calls me numb nuts and culinist's mobo don't do at shett.


Me RGone...:shake:



Hey RGone, I guess i made my board mad enough and it called me numb nuts too:nod:

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"Well I got the board, still waiting for some $$ to add stuff to it

untill then I will just lookt at it."




YEP....Me Too :D


I've had mine for a Week and it's "Killin Me" just

"Sittin there" But come next friday im gonna get

the Proc .. Also AMD is cutting their prices Tomorrow



Now i have 4 DFI Boxes "stacked" under my desk

2x LP-B

1x Ultra Infinity

1x LP-UT :nod:

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(hey! newbie here!) umm... just got home carrying my new 754 & the ADA3200AEP4AX (i think it was) :D i feel quite happy with the toys (also feel poorer XD), but.. i was reading some posts and ppl usually have (5)AR opn amd. i know exactly what i bought but.. is it really noticeable those 512k up/down?

well, i figured out by looking at some web/tests/benchs that there was little difference between (thx to the +200mhz, i think), but how good is it in OC time?


weeell... i'm not sure about what should i do when i go for ram (has GeiL ultra pc4400 tccd chips?), but i'm sure i'll wander around this site plenty of times :D so c u!

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...any reason to upgrade bios?


umm, yeah.


- Brings the temp readings down some.


- Helps with DTR compatibility, I believe.


- Also, "Fixes - when CPU Thermal Throttling disabled, no post"-(9-14 BIOS)


There may be other reasons, also. I haven't visited thread recently, til just now.



>>> jess's thread


Hell, just check out the thread. Lots of info in it.

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Talk about poorer!


I got impatient and ordered my 3400 cpu from newegg last Friday but by the time I got it Monday they had dropped $50.00.


I called customer service but they said they had to honor the price at the time my order was placed.


Oh well! At least I got a bad a55 system now.


Good luck

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