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BBS Boot devices changes.

Guest Joe_merged

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Hi: I need some help :


Sometimes when I turn on my 875 Pro B a message will come up about "BBS boot devices have been changed-press del to enter setup" and my Plextor 708 wont show on list when the bios is detecting the IDE devices. If I restart again everything comes up fine. This doesnt happen always but lately it is becoming more common and right now is bothering me very much. Any help would be appreciated.



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here its the message in detail-



IDE channel 0 master : Plextor dvdr Px- 708A 1.07

IDE channel 0 slave: none

IDE channel 1 master : samsung sp1614c sw100-27

IDE channel 1 slave : none


Warning: The Boot devices have been changed.

BBS boot priority will be afected. Please enter setup to check.



Press F1 to continue. Del to enter setup.



-----------------------------------------------------------------------------When this happen the first time , I will get the IDE channel 0 master with the samsung, and the Plextor will be gone, all the other IDE channels would show "none". When I reset it again, then I would get the message shown above. If I press F1 everything will run fine. No problems with normal PC funtioning ,but then when I turn off the PC and start it the next day the same ritual will happen. Im concerned that it could be something serious.


I dont have any USB memory stick, just normal USB use for printer and sometimes a camera, but they are not always on.

The wake on USB options in the BIOS are disabled so I rule that out. Im curious that the Plextor wont show on the first start up and then it will in the second restart. I build this up in June and it would give me this problem from sometime, then it stopped happening by itself. Now it have come back. I havent done any changes to the BIOS settings but I think it may have to do with the BIOS. I have the latest BIOS installed form factory and since there were some months that the problem went away I dont think I should have to re-install it. I never installed radarsync from the first time(and I will not).


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Thank You very Much !!!! That did the trick. I dont know why the system did not work with the sata mode in auto, but I changed it to IDE along with some other changes and everything is working fine now.I would like to get some guide were I can see what each of the BIOS settings do. I know many of them, but others completely lost me. Do you know were I can get more info about this? Thanks in advance for all your help. Keep up the good work.:)

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