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no usb mouse

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:confused: Utility and why install it? If it kills your UsB mouse then uninstall the utility.


Right this instant in history nVidia is laboring hard under updating drivers that work across all platforms without killing something. IMO.


That is why when "samurai jack" said his sytem had more performance with the Nvidia drivers off the Cd that came with the motherboard> I silently agreed. I try my dead level best to keep from updating or running 'any' non-essential piece of software on my rig. Too too many causes for clashes now days.


Sincerely, RGone...

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I had the exact same thing happen last night. I opened that utility and instantly my mouse was non-operational. I rebooted, WinXP loaded and the mouse was still not working. So I shut down again, flipped the switch on my power supply and waited about 30 seconds. Powered it back on, booted back up and it was working again. Strange!

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