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Alpha timings?


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Could someone please take a second to clear a couple of things up for me? I am being either a)blind b)stoopid or c)both, but I can't seem to find the alpha timings in my bios. All of the extended timings seem to be numeric.


Seceondly, lets assume I find them. What do they do and how do I manipulate them in an intelligent way?

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You will not find it in your bios(that I know of).


Here is a link to a thread with the download for a prog that will let you ajust these timings.




There is also alot of info on what they are & what setting would help on X board.


The program is (NF2 Tweaker) I believe is the name.


Alfa timings are like internal timings in the mobo that are ussaully dead set in a bios. These timings have a lot to do with why X board will do this speed & how Y board will get this score at that clock & how Z board will clock to this level with that ram.


I think if you read through the Thread I posted you will soon understand there relation to the motherboard,CPU, Ram & AGP. They may even effect PCI stuff as well, not shure on that one though.


This is something I am looking into for the a64s, there has been good results with this program fo the AXP systems.



Hope This Helps



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You need to be using a recent bios with the alpha timings unhidden. 6/19 is the most recent.


There is a v0.25b version of the tweaker out there, you need to find that, the link at XS is older version. The tweaker has issues with MBM, so turn OFF mbm before firing it up.


The same settings can be altered in the bios, and also WPCRSET can be used by looking up the hex locations for each and setting them.... I do this on ABit/ASUS boards as they dont have the settings in the bios for users to alter.

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Originally posted by uwackme

e = enable


d = disable


f = fast



The sig lists the entire timings page answers as I set them in my bios.




Oh I get it, I'm so stoopid i was looking for somewhere to set letters instead of numbers. It all becomes so clear.


Tnx uwackme

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