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DMI Datapool & USB 2.0 Questions

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Hi All. First post and seems a nice group for getting helpinfo.


FIrst off every time i boot pc at the post screen its always saying that it is verifying dmi datapool and that a update was a sucess. And i have not changed any biossystem settings. this is on every boot.

Secondly i was cuerious of the USB2.0 function. Old MoBo actually said that there was a USB2.0 device under the usb section of the device manager. and here i only see Intel PCI To USB Enhanced Host, 4 intel 82810EB USB host controler' - 24d2 (and assorted), 1 usb composite device, and 5 usb root hubs.


and my last question is on a power supply, a antec true power 430. and it says its running +11.6v on the +12v rail. is this under powering or will it be ok? i know more is better, like 450w or 550w. but how much is not enough?


system specs are:


pro875b rev.v

bios: 875ld913

3.2E (Not Overclocked wboxed Fan for the moment)

WinXP Pro wSP1

2 Maxtor 120g ata

1 wd 80g ata

1 segate 80g ata

1 ibm 15.4 deathstar. boot drive. fatal crash does not cost much data

2 512 meg Geil 3200

BFG Gforce 4600Ti 128m (61.77 drivers)

Onboard sound for the moment ( (39f) Drivers) On Klipsch Promedia 5.1


Thanks In Advance for yer Help



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hola Naz, put those specs in your sig before i complain loudly haha



first...USB2.0 shows up like that on my 875B too...plug a USB2 device into it and it will work ;)


DMI Pool update - this is normal...the BIOS checks itself on boot and verifies that everything is peachy


these 875B boards tend to show voltage as low (mine is low on the 3.3v). If you put a multimeter to it, you'd see that its getting all 12v like it is supposed to...I think its just a slight calibration problem in the sensors...main thing to consider is that if you havent had an issue then its most likely correct and just reporting incorrectly.

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