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Dreaded long beep loop at boot

Guest zerocash

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Guest zerocash

Well the other night I started to play with the driving strength and slew rate. I was hoping to get 258 fsb stable. Got down to 1,7 and rebooted. I got the long beep loop.:eek: :confused: Tried resetting cmos, no go. Switched to bios savior, no go. Pulled memory from slot 1, no go. Put memory back in slot 1, pulled memory from slot 3. Boots right up, no more beeps.:eek: :) Go to bios and load optimized defaults. Shut down and put memory back in slot 3. Boots up into windows.:) Thought I would make this post hoping it might help someone down the road. These boards are really great, I have been banging and banging on mine for over a month now and that was the first time I had to switch to my bios savior. With Hellfires bios these boards are almost bullet proof.:angel:

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