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"CMOS RELOADED" was promised for NF3 250GB !

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here my problems at the moment:


1) No C&Q with 2 Dimms up to now..


C&Q was the reason for me to buy an Athlon64 an not a Pentium4


2) No chance to use "SPDIF IN"... only Silence when Input selectet...


SPDIF in was the reason not to buy the "MSI K8N Neo Platinum Edition"

because it has only "SPDIF OUT"


3) Now i notice that CMOS RELOADED will NOT come ?????




Look at my Packing ! It was one of the first mainboard in Germany !!


( i did NOT remove any sticker....)


What is the reason to remove this great function ???


(by the way... me S-ATA cables are red and NOT yellow for "UT" ....)


Howmany different Versions of this mainboard are on the way ??


I hope you understand that i feel a little bit GRRRRRR.....


many german Customers are confused about different packing...


i hope that there are not different hardware revisions of this mainboard

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too, but the board has the yellow UV plugins.


you probably got a different box, one that obviously shelved in view of DFI's decision not to go with the CMOS reloaded option.


i haven't had a spit of problems with mine, even flashed the board already with one of the beta bios's.


i believe your board is the real deal though.


fire her up and get to clocking.



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All LANPARTY UT 250 GB boards came with red sata cables & not yellow.


The CMOS `reloaded really helped contribute to Bios corruption on earlyier boards so was probably left out because of problems. Yours has just had the stickers forgotin or they feel off. The link you supplied is to a LANPARTY not a LANPARTY UT which does not come with CMOS reloader. If you are not overclocking why would you want this anyway if Q&C is what you want.


C&Q is being worked on by bios writer.



As far as the the SPDIF in I am looking for something that has this connection to find what the problem is there or what it takes to turn it on.



It is really none of my buisness but all your misconception is some of your own doing & this continous ranting & reposting is just usless.



I will be buying a SPDIF cable to find the anwser to this one myself but alittle understanding & patients on your part would not hurt.



There is a diff between Lanparty & Lanparty UT.



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if i had a device that would allow me to use the SPDIF-in i would give you an answer but i dont even have digital speakers, nor a receiver or any device to use the digital-in


the CMOS Reloaded was removed at the last moment for the simple fact that this is the UT (ie: Infinity) and the normal LanParty will have it (its true on the Intel flavors of 915/925). We didn't want to encounter the type of confusion and possible corruption that the NF2 did with it. Mainly that users would save their settings, then flash the bios and try to go right back to an overclock from Reloaded, which was a diff bios...hosing the CMOS.


none of the UT's have UV sata cables, all are red


cool & quiet is not made to work in an overclocking environment. This being said, Oskar is working on it right now to get it to work for everyone's non-overclocked config since it has trouble with 2 sticks of RAM.



now...i will give you my perception:


this is a tech forum...a place to come to get help. Sometimes we (the techs) have to wait for an answer before we can give you the help you need (the SPDIF-in problem you are having).


This is not a forum to complain about your opinion of things. You need to address those opinions to someone in customer care @ DFI. We are techs. We have no power other than to help you get your board working. We cannot give you any answer when you complain that you don't like this or that unless it involves trying to get it working.


We try our hardest to make sure everyone that has one of our boards is happy and it works well, but reality is that not everyone is going to be happy, and not everyone is going to have a 100% working board....there's simply too many hardware combinations and styles of use for us to guarantee anything like this. This doesn't mean we wont do our best.


But we are limited in some things because we don't have the engineering lab and can't just go down and ask one of the engineers in chinese exactly whats up. Oskar works hard to fix the things he can fix, the other engineers work hard to try to get everything working for all the customers that need it.


but again, complaints need to be directed at someone in customer service/customer care. We are only techs, not marketing, not customer service.

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It's nice to see the negative as well as positive aspects of a new product posted on a forum such as this. Lets prospective buyers see possible issues along with the sugar coated disneyland DFI, which is rigorously emphasized around these parts.


all are red

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:) shett, I meant I suspect you an me ain't gunna gat no yaller cable cuz they had an undoc'd running model change whut gived sum em folks yaller whar me an you gat only rad uns. We is jus having our nomal shett for luck experience. HEhehehehehehe.


I am nearly sincerely, RGone...:nod:

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