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Persisting Problems - Cold Boots.

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I recently updated my bios from the stock 11/27/03 to the latest 6/19/04 in order to correct the cold boot problems I was having.


Unfortunatley I havn't noticed any marked improvment since the flash. In order to boot my computer I am forced to power it up and down atleast 4-5 times, with usually 3-4 reboots inbetween each boot attempt (I can't say why i've decided to do it this way, but it seems the most effective).


A person from this forum (whos name escapes me) offered a suggestion that my videocard may be having trouble picking up my second monitor as the computer does spring to life... but, hangs before sending a signal to either monitor- usually hanging on either the 3rd or 4th LED, with the occasional 1 & 2 LED Hang. Since then i have tried numerous cold boots using 1 monitor (i've tried both) but that also does not seem to have had any effect.


I can easily say now that i'm clean out of ideas...


Any help would be greatly apreciated.




- Rowan.

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have you tried the 'war mod' (use search function here) on your Mobile cpu? Since Mobile processors are not, and never will be, supported by AMD on desktop motherboards, DFI has done everything it can to try and minimize the problems with them.




sometimes they still will not work...and a 'war mod' has to be done. Search for the thread, read it, try upping yoru default voltage to what the mod does (dont worry, it doesnt involve soldering or anything...just some patience and steady hands lol...and the knowledge that it is NOT supported by DFI and you do it at your own risk).


if that doesn't work, and you are comfortable, try the mod itself.


Others will see this thread and give comments also ;)

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