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Hello everyone, this is my first post on the boards. As the title of my post suggests this is the first time ive bought a DFI product. Ive read alot about the LPb and some of it kinda makes me wonder about how stable it is. But nonetheless i ordered it and am awaiting its arrival. I was gonna drop my specs by and see if you guys (since youve dealt with this so much) could point out any possible problems or give me any tips to avoid problems.




AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400FSB

Speeze Falconrock Cooler

1GB(2x512) Corsair Value Select RAM - CAS 2.5

ATI Radeon 9800XT

Powmax Demon 480w PSU

Windows XP Pro SP2


I believe i read somewhere that for the Mobo to recognize the 3200 that you had to flash the BIOS. What version should the BIOS be? Will i have to go in and set my memory timings or should they be set ok from the optimal settings?


I appreciate any help as I want to make my first DFI purchase and smooth and good one. Thanks.

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stable is as stable does on any board


there's not many that buy these boards just to run them at stock speeds in an office doing spreadsheets...



3200's...they will run on any bios...but lately there's been some bad 3200's (and we can't tell if its the cpu thats bad or just a specific stepping of 3200 that our boards do not like)


couple customers here got fed up with trying to get 3200's to work properly and sent them back, bought a Mobile 2500, and pocketed the rest of the money left over (and the Col bought himself a shiny new MSI 9800XT)

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