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[Edit] optical spdif connector

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she's a busy woman ;)


and anytime im there and mention 'forum' to them, they all get glassy eyed look and start acting like I'm trying to sell them something hahaha


but really, she's just real busy and a pic showing exactly what you need will get things done a lot faster than linking to somewhere.



man...I just noticed...you live in London? Is that London, Ontario or London, UK?


this guy is from London Ontario:



so are the Vandemeers, one plays for Chi Blackhawks, his lil brother plays for us =)





anyway, make sure you let her/me know as if you live across the ocean...thats a whole diff office you gots to deal with =/

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Hehe, I do live in London but the one across the ocean ;)




BTW: My photo :)


I've talked to her, NO probs.


She's going to send it to me over the Post. I'm paying for the shipment charges (Only $10 anyway). After all the efford I rather get it from you guys :)


Hopefully I'll show up in a month or so (hehehehe).

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