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Cold Boot - Which Bios?

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I've done a extensive search of the forum to solve my problem, but i havn't found someone with my exact problem.


When I attempt a cold boot my computer always hangs on either LED 3 or LED 4 (usually the 3rd), I then attempt a few restarts which usually does nothing (aside confirm that indeed it will not boot). I am then forced to turn of the computer (hold the power button) and repeat step 1. Usually after 4-5 cycles LEDs 1&2 will come on, shortly followed by the 3rd (1& 2 go out) then 4 (3 goes out), then as both my monitors kick into action LED 2 will come on shortly followed by the rest.


as you may have guessed i'm fed up with this problem. Will one of the current DFI Bioses fix my problem, or is my board uniquely broken?


Secondly, my Hard-Drive activity light seems dormant at times, especially during the boot process where it will often not flash at all., where as my previous motherboard (Chaintech 7njs) would flash for almost anything.




- Rowan

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Do you have the same problem running a single



Seems like the system is having trouble picking

up the video signal.


Radeon cards can sometimes be corrected from

doing this by setting them at 1.8 volts in BIOS.


The 9700 Pro is extremely power hungry. Some

folks like the Vantec PSU and some don't.

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I just flashed to the 6/19 bios and both monitors were picked up instantly, so at the moment I'm assuming that it was a cold boot issue rather than a radeon problem. (i'll need to wait till tomorrow to know for sure, as I only really consider it a 'cold boot' if my computer has been off all day.)


After flashing the bios and resetting the cmos I took the oportunity to take off the 100MHz FSB Jumper, which subsequently procuded the british police car-esque alarm when the computer attempted to post. I hesatate to call it an 'issue' as it is nothing serious, but it is this a common occurance on most/all boards or just mine?



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