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DFI NF2 Ultra Infinity - BIOS Help

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...All of us this information is basically in the forum but I going to post the things I see as suspect and usually when I see suspect it is either the cause or a contributor to the problems. Simply said. Most forget these are the DFI rocket sisters and HIPO all the way and finicky and tweakable and fast if handled rightly. That is all I can say.


DFI NF2 Ultra
Ok which board have you really got? The title you have there makes me stop and have to think if you might really have a LanParty Ultra which is better known as Lp"A" or do you have the DFI Ultra Infinity? I really don't care that it is NF2 but I sure do care if it is the Ultra Infinity because that is what name you have to know to download the correct files for the motherboard.


Corsair PC3200 - 1024mb
Which model of Corsair? ValueRam style or what? Critical to know the which when trying to diagnose problems and 2x512 sticks of anything by and large means CPC should be disabled for smoothness and stability. Known fact in the forum so far. Sometimes it is possible for very very good memory to run 2x512 with CPC on but most 2x512 users I see have CPC off/disabled. It does make a tremendous difference in stability.
Allied 500w
Most of those types of power supplies had a huge 'rated' +5V rail and not so hot +12V rail and I found them better suited for Via chipset boards of a year so ago.
WindowsXP Pro SP2 w/ tweaks
There have been so many problems with SP2 that the general postition for DFI has seemed to become> run that sucker at your own risk. It is interacting to change "how" the cpu is being recognized and in many cases screws up how the SATA drives are using the SATA drivers and on and on. M$ is still debugging. The list of 3rd party programs that SP2 is dorking is too long to consider listing. Suffice it to say that "I" do not use it and will not until I get the idea SP2 has been debugged. Some seem to get by with SP2 alright and for others it is murder. The problem is telling 'which' is "which"?


Now that is just a quick glance at a couple of areas that could well be causing problems. Chief of which are likely the CPC on and the low +12V of the power supply. Yes I know that power supply is inexpensive. There are others known to do the job that are not expensive though.


Now it appears that you have not killed the bios altogether if you can still enter the bios. So use this address to reach me direct and I will try to walk you thru this out of the glare of the forum and failing that I can give instructions for sending your bios chip to DFI CA for reflash and sending back to you after reflash.

RGone's DFI-Street Support web address


Yes, I received your PM but PM's are just like the dang forum when it comes to trying to 'do' anything. It is still the 'net' and files and pics are not easily attached nor transmitted. I may have to RE your email with some files so to me PM's are nearly useless.


Like I said if you can still 'enter' the bios > chances are good we can get you going. If you have it dorked where the bios cannot be entered at DEL keyboard key then email me anyway and can get you the address for sending bios to CA for reflash.


Yes, bios savior for those that are going to be flashing as you seem to want to do> is a huge safety net that I recommend and "I" use. Got two of them in fact. For them to be useful they must first be flashed to work and that means you must have a booting motherboad to flash the safety net side (RD1).


Now this is the best I can do to try and assist you in getting going. It will take a little work and adjusting for sanity sake and if you are willing > I suspect we can get it done. Past that I do not know anything as I am just, well just plain ole RGone...

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The best bios for NFII Ultra Infinity ???




TicTac 3d fire R2


Hellfire N24ID619-3EG-REV2...for...bh5






is ???

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Guest Tmod
The best bios for NFII Ultra Infinity ???

No need to post the same question in two different sections as one post will get a answer as well as two.


I replied in the bios section to your post there.



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very interesting things to know about flashing, thank you rgone and thunda.


i'm back to running the official 6-19 after trying some beta bioses, i seem to have the best performance with my ram out of the 6-19 but i didn't try all of the betas. when i flashed i did these steps and every flash went perfectly:


1)load optimized defaults

2)boot from floppy and ran awdflash with /QI/sn/py/cc/cd/cp switches

3)pressed power button when it said to press F1

4)turn off switch on psu

5)unplug cord from psu

6)remove cmos battery

4)put cmos jumper on pins 2-3

5)put cmos jumper on pins 1-2

6)replace cmos battery

7)reattach power cord to psu

8)turn on switch at psu

9)pressed power button

10)immediately booted to the cmos to load optimized defaults, then save and exit

11)immediately booted to the cmos to reload optimized defaults

12)overwrote all four saved cmos reloaded configs

13)saved and exited

14)on next reboot, started changing settings back


when i had the cmos battery removed i only waited about 2 minutes before reinserting it, i never read about the overnight thing until just now; also i ran all of the switches together without spacing them out... looks like i may have been lucky? (knocks on wood)



(shoot, i shouldn't have knocked on my computer desk...now i'm getting hard drive errors :eek: j/k

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