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A3D on SB Audigy! WoW!

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My friend Ch|ef from a clan called =ONE= showed me something really cool today in Half life. You can take a SB Audigy sound card and convert it so that it supporst A3D. Now, if you have ever played Half Life Deathmatch (not that classic version crap..) with a plain SB Audigy card, it sounds really good. However, you can't hear people from the other side of the map. That's where A3D comes in. A3D allows you to pinpoint people better, and you can also hear when weapons respawn. Not too mention you can hear all of this from the other side of the map, or anywhere for that matter. A3D chipset sound cards, don't cost a lot. Some popular ones are the Vortex 1 & 2. However, they don't support EAX and they don't sound great when playing DVD's and music. SB Audigy supports EAX by default, and with this tweak you can have A3D in halflife. (Only in HL)


I don't have the link handy to the site where you can download the A3D drivers.. but just search google.com and I'm sure you can find it.


Just thought I'd share the tip, because the sound is AWESOME!

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